Marianna van Leeuwen, actress in the spotlight!


Today we have a new precious diamond, shining bright in our spotlight! A while ago in Amsterdam we spotted a new beauty. If you meet her, you would probably think the same as we did, that she is a model! Long wavy hair, pretty face, charming smile, long legs and her model look! Her name is Marianna van Leeuwen! We couldn’t miss the chance to talk to her and our ‘model’ guess was very close to the truth! Marianna is an actress and definitely a fashion icon. We spotted her wearing Chanel boy bag, Chanel shoes. She has a style and knows how to create the perfect outfit for every occasion. Amazed by her charm and personality, the few minutes with made us curious to find out more about her acting career and a bit later we had a meeting with her at the Sky Lounge at Double Tree Hilton in Amsterdam. We spent the whole day with Marianna, having some girls time! Before we went to check the new collections of our favorite fashion brands, we asked her a few questions about her acting career. Read what our new star in the spotlight shared with us! Marianna in the spotlight!


Hi, Marianna. Would you share with our Spotted Style followers what are your biggest hobies and passions?
My biggest hobby is acting! I also adore dancing, singing, fitness and if I have the time, I really enjoy cooking with my mother. Spending time with my friends and family is important for me.

What does acting mean to you?
Acting is kind of like being in another world. But, I think that’s very logical because most of the time you’re not your own character and that’s what I like the most of it. I use emotions and say things that I normally don’t or not at all would use and that’s funny because you see yourself from a very different perspective. I’m always trying to improve myself, but it’s also a goal to become a better actress.

When did it all started?
It started when I was 8 years old, my friend and I were guests at a youth program where we were allowed to play a game against 2 other boys. I found the cameras very exciting, so from that moment I knew that I wanted to do something later on TV. When I was 12 I played my first Tv-commercial for an airline. I remember the very well and won’t forget it because it was a nice experience and it was the first time I was asked to act. After that, a lot of nice things followed.


What kind of experience do you have when it comes to acting? Did you took some acting classes, have you acted in TV commercials and shows?
After my first commercial, I took some acting-classes and I’ve done a lot of workshops. I still take workshops because I think that you can never learn enough and every teacher shows you different things, tips and tricks. I’ve played in different videoclips, commercials, (short) films, and I’ve done some modeling. One of the nicest things, was a videoclip of a Dutch boyband. Last weekend, we’ve took part in a new videoclip in which I play the girlfriend of a singer ‘’Alessandro’’. Something else exciting is my role in the serial ‘’Brugklas’’. You can check my episodes in Juli, yes! You may recognize me from the ‘’Roompot vakanties’’ commercial or the Dutch toy shop ‘’Bart smit” I’m very happy for the things I’ve had the chance to do and I hope to do more acting in the future!

Do you see acting as part of your life?

Of course! I hope that I’ll become an amazing actress. I know that the chance is small, but I really believe that if you want something and you fight as hard for it as that you want it, you’ll get it. You have to make the efforts, but I’m sure that they’ll be worth it. Maybe it’s a cliché, but I hope to be healthy and happy in the future. Becoming an actress would be amazing.

Lots of love,

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