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A few years ago I was at a party at one of the best clubs in Sofia, Yalta where the biggest DJs play when they are performing in Bulgaria. There I met Slavi Peev who was 16 at that time and already behind the DJ booth! If you had seen Slavi back then you would have noticed  his big passion for music and life.Today, a few years later the same talented boy can be spotted playing in the clubs in London. While working hard on producing and music, Slavi’s career is going with high speed into one direction, THE TOP! Read the full interview with our spotted boy and stay tuned! Slavi Peev in the spotlight!

Hi, Slavi! Can you introduce yourself with a few words to our followers? 
I am Slavi Peev, Artist into Deep/Dub Techno. Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, 1995. Now based in London, studying Audio Production.

You are currently living in London. What was the reason to move there and how is life in London?
London has really good opportunities for what I want to do and for the music I make and play. I really like London and the city by itself inspires me to keep growing and developing myself.

What are you hobbies and biggest passions?
Apart from my biggest passion, DJ’ing and producing, I’ve got many others such as motocross, drift, photography, travelling, snowboarding and much more.

What is music for you and since when it is such a big part of your life? How did you start?
As I can remember music have been always part of my life. I was at the age of 12 when house music really grab me and then it was my first club party. When I was 15 I started learning the mixing techniques and a year later was my first set in a club.

Did music influence your life and in what way?
Music did influence on me in a way that at the age of 16 I already knew what I wanted to do in my life.

Are you working on something new right now and what kind of challenges a DJ can face?
I am working on a few projects at the moment which I think I’ll finish in a month. If you are interested you can follow my Soundcloud or Facebook page for more info.
Honestly, I don’t see anything as a challenge. Everything is happening and you’ve got to be persistent, positive and open minded.

Slavi race

3 songs from your current playlist?
Aaron Und Pascal – In Front Of You (Ion Ludwig Remix)
Hector – Closer
Dakpa – Rekap

How do you imagine the future and what does it hold for you?
I see my future involved with a lot of travelling. I do not imagine residing only one place and I think my future destinations will be Berlin and New York. Or somewhere where it’s sunny throughout the whole year. 😀

If you could give a name of this moment of your life, how would this chapter be called?
Next chapter. I can say that I have changed a lot since I came in London, for the better of course, haha. My thinking has changed. My musical taste has changed. I meet new people everyday. New doors have been open and there is so much to come.

Where can we hear your music and where can we spot you at a party?

3rd of July – Hoxton FM, Open Show
More at:

If you could tell something to the whole world what it would be?
Work hard for your dreams. It may sound cliche, but I am sure that if you love what you do, if you’re good at it and if you work hard enough there is a 100% chance that you will succeed.


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