Spotted super babe Lara Stone, coverstar of RUSSH Magazine


Super babe Lara Stone! Don’t know about you but we cannot get enough of the IMG worldwide represented Dutch model! Here is our latest update about the spotted muse and her newest RUSSH cover! RUSSH Magazine is an independent fashion magazine showcasing innovators in fashion, art, music and film through originally produced editorial and photography. RUSSH reflects the way intelligent women approach fashion and beauty to create their own distinctive style. RUSSH is Australian at heart and international in mindset.

 The top model Lara worked on The Joy Ride editorial together with the photographer Emma Tempest, fashion editor and stylist Verity Parker, casting director Juergen Schabes, Syd Hayes hair stylist and Samantha Brennan- producer. The editor-in-chief Jess Blanch calls the 66th issue ”The art of fun”.


In the editor’s letter Jess said:

We let go of safe and practical and indulged in only the trivial, playful and spontaneous and relished in what must be the ultimate pleasure: having lots to do and not doing it. Did it bring out our inner lunatic? Well yes, and no.

Fun is not the same as fulfilment, not even close, and it has nothing to do with lasting happiness. Nevertheless it’s the joy rides – however small and unplanned – we take in our everyday, entirely for our own amusement, that help us to laugh longer and live a little louder. Fun is whatever we want it to be.

Let today be our playground.

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