Marjan Jonkamn spotted in STARDUST for Flair!



Marjan Jonkman and her doll face got spotted in the pretty editorial called STARDUST for Flair. The girl who started her career walking her first show exclusive for Saint Laurent in Paris and scored insanely high number of walked fashion shows during Spring/ Summer 2016 fashion weeks, made everyone talk about her all the way from Amsterdam to New York. Represented by Margreet Model Management (mother agency), One Management, New Madison, MP Management, Premier Model Management, Trend Model Management, Le Management and Visage Management, she keeps going forward and building up a career that many girls on her age can dream of. We are never too old to dream another dream or set a new goal, so take Marjan as an inspiration and do it!

Besides wearing designers clothes while she is working, the spotted Dutchie has her own style and sense of fashion. We’ve seen her looking stunning in different looks, from the cool kid street style outfits, to the beautiful evening dresses that she has been rocking down the runway. Currently the blue-eyed beauty is living in the big apple and seems that she is living her dream! We promise to keep  you posted with the next big thing happening for Marjan! 

The pictures of STARDUST are taken by  Ezra Petronio and the styling of the models is done by Sissy Vian. The other spotted faces are Aaneta Pajak, Frances Coombe and Karly Loy. Take a look at the gallery below.


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