Anouk Thijssen in the spotlight! Winner of Elite Model Look Nederland 2015


We will continue with one more Elite Amsterdam story and welcome the other winner of Elite Model Look Nederland 2015 Anouk Thijssen in our spotlight! The fifteen year old beauty grabbed our attention immediately when we spotted her incredible presence on the catwalk and a few hours later, she became the new Elite future star. She gave an interview for Spotted Style days before the big final in Milan and shared with us her excitement. You can support our Dutch Elite Model Look winners Anouk and Mattia by giving your votes. We wish both of them goodluck in Milan!

Hello Anouk! Congratulations on being one of the winners of Elite Model Look Nederland 2015! For us it is a pleasure to have you at Spotted Style! Would you share a few words about yourself with our followers? What is your age and where are you from?

Thank you! I’m fifteen years old and I’m from Wijchen, a town in the east of The Netherlands. Five days a week I go to school and in my free time I am with horses for grooming and riding. I love shopping and I often read beauty tutorials on the internet.

How did you decide to sign for the Elite Model Look Nederland 2015 castings? Was it always a dream for you to become a model?

The mom of my best friend told me about the Elite Model Look. I thought it’s a great idea, so I decided to sign in. I never thought about becoming a model but now it’s the only thing I want! First I wanted to be an interior architect but now I really want to work as a model.Anouk4-682x1024

What was your strongest quality that brought you to the finals and did you believe you will get so far in the contest?

I think my strongest quality is that I’m very tall and young. The jury told me I’m photogenic. During the competition I wasn’t focused to win, I just enjoyed everything. Never expected to win.


What was the feeling when you heard they announced your name as the winner of Elite Model Look Nederland 2015?

The first I thought was: Who, me?! After a minute I saw a lot of photographers and realized I won. It made me very shaky and the only thing I could do was walking with a big smile on my face!


How would you describe the experience of EML and what did you learn from the whole process since the start?

My experience was great and everyone from Elite Model Look was very nice. All girls were very friendly to each other! Everyone was helping and we became friends. I learned to walk on the catwalk and how I can stay super fit! It is great working with the best photographers, make-up artists and stylists.Anouk2-731x1024


Would you share your tips for beauty and healthy lifestyle with our followers?

My tip is to drink enough water and cleaning your face every day. Make sure you keep smiling and have fun, that makes you beautiful!


How do you spend your free time and what are the things that interest you besides modelling?

In my free time I really like to be with horses, grooming them and riding. When I’m at home I often watch beauty tutorials on YouTube to get some inspiration.


As a winner, you got a contract with Elite Amsterdam, which will unfold countless modelling opportunities. What do you dream of and how do you see your future from this moment on?

My biggest dream is to be on the cover of Vogue. For now I hope to enjoy the finals in Milan and to end as high as possible! After that, starting to work as a model.


When are the finals of EML in Milan and are you full of excitement about the big day?

I will fly to Milan on November 18th and I will stay there for a bootcamp almost a week. The winners will be announced on Monday. I am very excited to go to Milan and I can’t wait to see all other girls! Hopefully I will have a great week in Milan.Anouk3-682x1024


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