Imaan Hamaam for Topshop Holiday 2015



Hi, Spotted Stylers!

How is your weekend going? Start it with us from Spotted Style and a dose of Dutch beauty! For the ones who are just have their cup of coffee in their hands and chose to drink it in our Spotted Style company, here is our first update for today! We spotted beauty Imaan Hammam from Code Management in the new campaign of Topshop Holiday 2015! The campaign was photographed by Giampaolo Sgura. The other spotted Topshop models are Aneta Pajak, Bella Hadid, Ella Richards, Grace Hartzel, Malaika Firth, Marga Esquivel and Sophia Ahrens. If you are a Topshop fan and need to fill your wardrobe with some new trendy pieces, check out the pictures of Imaan and the other spotted beauties! Stay tuned during the weekend to see who we will spot meanwhile! 450177-800w-780x1024




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