Spotted Mattia Creanza! Winner of Elite Model Look Nederland 2015


We were honored to attend the finals of the modelling event of the year in Amsterdam, Elite Model Look 2015. Due to the hard work of the directors Suzanne Pots, Mauro Da Silva and the whole Elite Amsterdam team, the event was on a world class level and the agency deserves big applause! Same goes for all the young boys and girls who did their best at the contest, chasing their modelling dreams.

We were in a mood for spotting and capturing glamour, so we couldn’t miss to interview the winner Mattia Creanza! The promising 15 year old Elite Amsterdam model was born in Blaricum and is currently living in Hoogblokland. Read the lines below to find out what he shared with Spotted Style and follow him on Instagram @mattiacreanza. You can support the Elite Model Look Nederland 2015 winners Mattia and Annouk by giving your vote.

Hello Mattia! Congratulations on your Elite Model Look Nederland 2015 success! Can you tell more about yourself to our Spotted Style followers?

Thanks! I am a Dutch boy living in the countryside. I was born in Blaricum, near Amsterdam and lived there for approximately four years. Then I moved to the place where I still live right now. My hobbies are: going to the gym, skiing, running and hanging out with friends. After my graduation, I hope to become a vet besides modeling.

We remember that we heard an interesting fact about you at the end of the night of the Elite Model Look Nederland 2015 event. You are half Italian, right? Where were you born and what is your story?

That’s correct. My father is from Italy and when he fell in love with my mom he decided to move to Holland. That’s more than 20 years ago. In 2000 I was born and here I am. I speak Italian, I think that is an advantage because the final will take place in Milan. Italy is my second home country and I always like to go there. Friendly people, great food, beautiful cities and of course an amazing fashion.unnamed-1-683x1024


What was the reason to sign for the EML? How did you came up with the idea of becoming a model?

Last summer I was looking for a job. I had a job interview at a local super market and they said to come back later. I visited more supermarkets without success and in the end I was fed up with the fact that I couldn’t find a way to earn some extra money. Then my mom came up with the idea to try modeling. So I emailed my pictures to various agencies and guess what…to my surprise they were all interested. I chose Elite Amsterdam because the people are so nice and professional and Elite has a world wide agency network. They advised me to participate at the EML and it all started from there.

How do you feel about the upcoming finals of Elite Model Look 2015 in Milan?

I am more than excited. I am not only looking forward to meet all the other contestants but I am also eager to learn everything about modeling and to improve myself. I really want to end up in the top 15.

How would you describe the whole Elite Model Look Nederland 2015 experience from the beginning, until the long process you went through the finals?

It was so great! I made so many new friends and the bootcamp was such a useful experience. The whole journey towards the big day, the final, it was all very exciting.14-682x1024


What was your strongest quality that help you make it to the winner’s place?

I think the combination of my physical features and my down to earth attitude. They also told me that I am photogenic on pictures and relaxed on the runway.

Can you give an advice to all the young boys who will participate in the next EML? What was the most important thing that you learnt from it?

Although it is a bit stereotype, I’d say that you have to be yourself at any time. Don’t look at other boys and think that they’re better than you are. That won’t help you. Just be yourself and show your personality.

As the winner of Elite Model Look Nederland 2015, we guess you will have the amazing chance to take new bright paths leading to your modeling success. What is your vision for the future and what do you expect to happen after the finals?

I hope to start working with talented professionals in the fashion industry, to do beautiful shows and nice shoots for important designers. Of course my dream is to get a contract with Elite worldwide. We’ll see in week!672-682x1024


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