About us

SPOTTED STYLE is all about models, model agencies, lifestyle and fashion!

Founder and Editor-in-chief: Nadina Gorano


SPOTTED STYLE is a constantly growing web page focused on Dutch models, model agencies, lifestyle and fashion. Founded on 27th of July 2014 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands by Nadina Gorano who is the current Editor-in-chief of SPOTTED STYLE. Over the past one year we worked on developing the concept and building the content full of news about models, interviews with new faces, bookers, designers and creative people working in the fashion industry. SPOTTED STYLE spots the new faces from the best model agencies in the Netherlands, fashion campaigns, editorials, fashion shows and reports backstage for you. We give you a daily closer look to the life and the work of our spotted models. If we have already spotted you, your agency or your favorite models, keep on following Spotted Style! Everyday we have new stories and faces in our spotlight! Do you wonder who are they? Stay tuned by following us on Facebook and Instagram and until then keep on guessing!